Free Performance Report

FreePerformanceReport offers individual investors the same advanced portfolio performance and risk metrics that large brokerages use – with a FREE basic membership.

This unique and flexible system offers a clean, intuitive interface and advanced reporting features.

Sample report pages:
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Asset allocations:
Growth of a dollar:
Returns v. Standard Deviation:

Free Membership Features include:

  • Generate comprehensive, professional performance reports delivered directly to your email.
  • Easy to use data entry interface.
  • Calculate returns and risk statistics for any date range.
  • Compare your performance to comparison indices.
  • Maintain up to 3 accounts for free.

Premium Features include:

  • All the features listed above.
  • Create interactive performance reports directly in your browser.
  • Sum stand-alone accounts into composite portfolios.
  • Sum asset classes into aggregations.
  • Enhanced data entry features.
  • Enhanced reporting features.
  • Maintain up to 15 accounts and composites.

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You can also read this tutorial to learn more about how the system works.
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